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Mohican Bluegrass Festival

Thursday – Saturday, September 14-16, 2023

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Employment Opportunities

Mohican Wilderness is an unusual outdoor opportunity for youth groups and families in Ohio and surrounding states. Not only do we provide camping with electric and water hookup and without on two miles of the Mohican River, we have a long list of recreation available and host numerous events. This combination creates a busy and challenging variety of employment options.

Spending a summer at Mohican Wilderness is a fantastic opportunity for the high school or college student looking for seasonal employment and to begin building their resume work history.  Here at Mohican Wilderness you will learn the skills necessary to work in a team environment as well as work independently.  Working here at camp is not for the faint of heart – we work HARD! Our area is also in a dead zone for cell phone service and can be an unwelcome hurdle to those looking to stay “connected” all day long.

Those wishing to spend the summer using their own RV/camper are permitted to set up on a site provided with 30AMP service and water hookup (dumping stations located at either of our two shower houses).  Those wishing to campout for the summer and become grounded or have a nostalgia for their past experiences with summer camp – Our rustic cabins are perfect for you!  Equipped with electric for lights and outlets (no A/C, heat, or toilet facilities in these cabins), they are sure to bring back fond camp memories or prove to be a checkbox on your bucket list if you’ve never been away to summer camp.  A fully equipped communal summer kitchen available for storing and preparing food.  Restrooms available at the summer kitchen and toilets and showers available just inside camp.  Must be 18+ for live on camp.

Please submit an application even if the position(s) is/are marked “filled”.  In an ever-changing world, we are not exempt and occasionally have positions open up that will need filled quickly.

Job Descriptions

We keep applications on file for 1 year and will contact each individual for follow up questions or to interview if the position is open.  Minors applying for employment will be required to submit the appropriate documentation required by law for work privileges.  Thank you for your interest in joining our team. Call (740) 599-6741 for more information.

Summer Job Opportunities – Job Duties & Description

Office/Front Desk – Full and Part time openings available
Check-in of families and groups; sell items from the camp store; sign up customers for various activities; answer the phone; take reservations; and answer questions concerning the camp and its recreation; lots of public contact. Applicant must possess strong customer service skills. 4-5 day work weeks with weekend requirements.  Full and part time availability.  Internship possibilities available.  Day/evening shifts; MUST be available weekends.

Canoe Operations & Maintenance/Mowing – Full and Part time openings available
Drive canoes and campers safely to drop-off points on the river; load and unload canoes; keep equipment in good condition; teach canoe basics; campground maintenance during the week. This position is physically demanding and requires employee to lift large/heavy objects. This position works with the public and applicant must possess strong customer service skills. Keep grounds mowed with John Deere zero turn mowers; weed whip with a gas-powered whip; small gardening jobs; light building maintenances. Help with canoe livery and trash pickup. This position is physically demanding and requires applicant to lift heavy objects continuously throughout the day.  5-day work week for full time employees with a weekend requirement; must pass background, physical and drug test per DOT requirements and be 18+.  2–3-day work week for part time with a Saturday requirement; minors must have appropriate permission for employment.  Internship possibilities available.  Generally, day shift; MUST be available weekends.

Recreation Crew – Full time positions available
This is a new segment of our operation that we implemented in 2021.  This 4-person crew takes on many different tasks throughout the camps operation and is responsible for the daily programming offered to our guests.  This 4-person team collectively handles the housekeeping of the camps facilities, operates the Nature/Craft Centers and their activities and will lead recreation activities such as basic canoe instruction, archery, rifle range, etc.  The following 4 job descriptions are part of this new opportunity:

  • Naturalist/Outdoor Education 
    Set up your own interesting and appealing outdoor education center with live animals and exhibits; provide programs for families and youth groups. A good position for one with initiative and imagination to develop his/her own program(s). This position works closely with the Activities and Craft directors to run scheduled programming and complete housekeeping tasks.  6-day work week with a day off Monday-Thursday.  An excellent internship for education, biology, and environmental studies majors.  Generally, day shift, some evening hours; MUST be available weekends.
  • Activities Director
    Teach basic archery, riflery, and canoeing. Direct volleyball, water activities, and other recreation for families and youth groups. Design recreation programs for holiday weekends; create and conduct group initiative activities, act as host/hostess for groups and family vacationers. This position is in the public eye, and you will be working closely with groups and families, strong customer service skills a must. This position works closely with the Outdoor and Craft directors to run scheduled programming and complete housekeeping tasks.  6-day work week with a day off Monday-Thursday.  Internship possibilities for various majors available.  Generally, day shift with some evening hours; MUST be available weekends.
  • Crafts Director
    Provide and supervise projects for youth groups and families; maintain an interesting and inviting center; develop new crafts, integrating nature, ecology, and recycling. A good position for one with initiative and imagination to develop his/her own program. This position works closely with children and applicant must possess the skills to engage children and their families. This position also works closely with the Outdoor and Activities directors to run scheduled programming and complete housekeeping tasks.  6-day work week with a day off Monday-Thursday. Internship possibilities for various majors available.  Generally, day shift, some evenings; MUST be available weekends.
  • Housekeeping
    Keep shower houses and latrines clean and supplied; pick up garbage bags at campsites; keep camp litter-free; maintain cabin rentals. Set your own schedule, be your own boss.  Ideally looking for 1-2 individuals or a couple to check and clean buildings/cabins in camp twice a day (early morning and midafternoon) as well as providing spot checks throughout the day on Saturdays.  Day shift; MUST be available weekends.

Nanny – FILLED
Looking for an energetic, responsible, crafty person to look after 2 children ages 6 & 9.  Must pass a background check and drug testing.  The qualified applicant is someone who possesses a love and passion for work working with children and helping them experience the out-of-doors and free play.  Internship possibilities are endless for the education or child psych major (not a requirement).  In addition to caring for children, job duties also entail light cleaning (sweeping/mopping, wiping down surfaces, dishes, assisting the children in cleaning their toys and rooms, etc.).  I work 7 days a week, various hours and need someone who is a bit flexible and available weekends (rotating between the 2-3 nannies).  Day shift usually 9-5 or 7pm with Thursday and Friday as your days off, MUST be available weekends.

Security/General Maintenance – 1 full time space available
This position has a focus on camps security Fridays and Saturdays and assists with camp maintenance during the week (mowing, weed whipping, driving a tractor for hayrides, running our rifle range with the Activities Director and other miscellaneous tasks).  There is an evening/night requirement in addition to a weekend requirement.  The ideal candidate would currently be enrolled in a law enforcement program or have a background involving customer service in dealing with the public in a security setting.  Security works closely with deputies from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office for night security on weekends.  MUST be available nights and weekends.

General Maintenance – 1 part time space available
Looking for a “Jack of all trades” or someone quick to learn new skills independently.  Unlimited possibilities here!  We are looking for someone willing to learn how to repair and maintain our river livery fleet of canoes, kayaks and tubes, mowing on zero turn lawn mowers, weed whipping, tractor driving, building repairs and maintenance, new construction/repair of small projects in the campground, chain saw work, power washing, cleaning, etc.  The ideal candidate would WANT to learn every facet of the business and be able to pitch in when and wherever needed.  Flexible days and hours available.

Compensation: This varies with the position, length of commitment, and your qualifications. Although our season runs May 1 to October 31, most positions do not require that length of time. We have campsites with water and electric hookup available for the season for those who wish to use their own camper or RV or rustic cabin living for those without a camper/trailer.  RV sites and staff housing will be provided free of charge for employees.