River Trips available on site!

Mohican Bluegrass Festival

Thursday – Saturday, September 12-14, 2024 &
Thursday - Saturday, September 11-13, 2025

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Recreation & More

Horseback Riding – provided by PELIA Equine Programs

PELIA Equine Programs has been gracing us with their presence since 2021.  They provide horse programing for children and public trail rides giving renewed life to our old riding stables.  Please visit the PELIA Facebook Page or call (740) 485-5234 to schedule your horseback riding excursion.  PELIA is a private business conducting rides, scheduling and payment only through their online platform or by change at the riding stable.


1 Hour
$5.00/person or charter a private ride for $65

Miniature Golf (18 Holes)

All Ages$3.00 each


One target, one bow, 6 arrows
(plus $3 per each lost or broken arrows)

Rifle Range

By appointment only

  • Practice your skills at target shooting with our .22 rifles.
  • Free 8.5″ x 11″ paper targets with session.
  • Large 2′ x 3′ paper zombie/carnival targets and splatter targets available for purchase prior to session in our office.
  • We do not allow personal firearms.
$market prices/50 rounds

Misc. Activities

Swimming pond with beach, sand volleyball, basketball, sand volleyball, craft and nature programs. Nominal fees apply to some activities, ask for details.