Mohican Bluegrass Festival

Thursday – Saturday, September 17-19, 2020

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Camping Rules & Regulations

  1. 4-WHEEL DRIVE – No vehicle is permitted to leave the designated paved camp roads unless entering and exiting your site.  Do not drive across open fields or lawns.
  2. A.E.D.  An A.E.D. is available next to the emergency phone at the office on the Eastern outside will next to the security room.
  3. ALCOHOL – Alcohol may be used in moderation and must be kept to your campsite.  No alcohol is permitted in any recreation area.
  4. ANIMALS – Do not trap or kill any wild animal.  Especially snakes which are harmless and beneficial.
  5. APPRECIATION CARD – Pick up your Appreciation Card at the front desk.  It entitles you to a discount on all subsequent camping visits this year.  Not valid for holidays, festival weekends, camping packages or recreation.
  6. CANCELLATIONS – Within 7 dyas of arrival, deposits are non-refundable.  7+ days, cancellations will be charged a $10/site fee.  Holiday/festival deposits are non-refundable.  See “no-shows” for fees assessed.
  7. CHAIN SAWS – Use of chain saw and axes is prohibited.
  8. CHECK IN/OUT – Check-in is from 3pm-9pm the day of your arrival.  Friday/Saturday night check-ins may arrive and set up camp up until 11pm.  No one will be permitted to enter camp after 11pm unless they have already been issued a car pass.  Late night check-ins are disruptive to other campers who are observing quiet hours and have already gone to bed.  Check-out for campsites is by 1pm the day of your departure.  Check-out for Cabins is by 11am.  No call no show sites/cabins will be released next day at 9am.  No refunds will be issued.
  9. CHINESE LANTERNS – Prohibited.  DO NOT light and release.  They litter this beautiful area and are a fire and horse hazard.
  10. CODE OF CONDUCT – We shouldn’t even feel the need to put this in here.  However; for those who are looking for a rowdy, disrupt-your-neighbor kind of time, please leave now and find another location in which to enjoy your festivities. All who wish to stay and play-by-day & sleep-at-night are asked to help camp security by reporting violators immediately to the front desk before losing a night’s sleep.  Disturbances including but not limited to foul language, loud radios, speeding, yelling and screaming, late night partying will not be tolerated.  Violators will be escorted out of camp without refund.
  11. CURFEW – All youth 17 and younger must report back to their campsites by 10pm.  All recreation areas are closed at dusk; this includes but is not limited to the pond, playgrounds, archery, mini-golf, pavilion/gazebo, Family Center, etc.  No loitering at shower houses.  Keep off the Stage.
  12. DIGGING  Do not dig to ditch tents, build fires, etc. Also, do not encourage erosion by digging stairs into the river bank.
  13. DRONES – For the privacy of our guests, drones are prohibited on camp property.
  14. EMERGENCY PHONE  24 hour access to an emergency phone is available at the front desk on the outside East wall next to security.
  15. FIREARMS & FIREWORKS – Use of firearms and fireworks is prohibited at all times.  This also includes air powered rifles/hand guns, airsoft weapons.
  16. FIRES – Fire rings are provided.  Build fires where they do not damage surrounding trees.  Do not dig pits.
  17. GENERATORS – Use of generators is not permitted in camp.  The only exception for generator use is during the Mohican Bluegrass Festival in the designated areas.
  18. GOLF CARTS – Golf Carts are not permitted in camp with the exception of during the Mohican Bluegrass Festival and by camp staff.
  19. GREY WATER – All grey water must be poured in slop drains or latrines.  Each shower house is equipped with dumping stations.
  20. HARASSMENT OF CANOERS – Harassment of any kind of passing canoers is grounds for removal from the campground and a report to the sheriff’s office.  This activity is punishable by law.  This includes anyone renting a Mohican Wilderness canoe, kayak or tube.
  21. LATRINES – Do not put anything in the latrines that you have not already eaten or drunk.
  22. MOTOR BIKES, GOLF CARTS, ATVs, SIDE-BY-SIDES, MINI BIKES and MOTORCYCLES ARE PROHIBITED.  (Motorcycles may be driven when entering and exiting camp, may not be used for cruising around camp).  Golf carts are prohibited with the exception of the Mohican Bluegrass Festival dates and by use of camp staff.
  23. NO-SHOWS – Without proper notice, all unoccuplied sites will be released next day at 9am.  No refunds will be issued to no-call no-shows.  No-shows will be charged the base rate for reservation to the card on file or invoiced appropriately.  If you plan to arrive the next day after your schedule check-in please advise our staff in advance.
  24. PETS – All pets, including horses, are welcome if controlled, clean, and quiet.  PET OWNERS ARE REQUIRED TO CLEAN UP PET FECES IN ALL AREAS OF CAMP WHERE THEIR PETS HAVE EVACUATED THEIR BOWELS.  Clean up fees of $75 will be charged to those who leave pet feces on their sites after departure.  Pets must remain on leash whether they are being walked throughout camp or are on site.  No pet shall be left unattended.  Pet’s found unattended will be removed from site or cabin and owners will be responsible for taking the pet home.  No refunds will be provided.
  25. PICNIC TABLES – One table is provided for each site.  Picnic tables are not to be moved from their corresponding site.
  26. QUIET HOURS – 11pm-8am.  No loud music, voice or partying permitted anytime during the day or night.
  27. SPACING – Spacing between campers/RVs and tents or Portable Camping Units (PCU) are as follows:
    1. Minimum of 15′ clearance on sides of RV to RVs or PCUs on adjacent sites.
    2. Minimum of 10′ clearance on front/rear of RV to RVs or PCUs on adjacent sites.
    3. Minimum of 5′ clearance on all sides of RV or PUCs to additional PCUs on the same site.
    4. Minimum of 15′ distance from roadway, building or right of way.
  28. TRAFFIC – Speed limit is 10MPH.  Excessive speed is unsafe and cause for eviction.  All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.
  29. TRASH – Place trash in front of your site along the camp’s road.  Tie bags closed.  Pick-up is each evening around 7pm.  We will recycle aluminum cans and donate them (must be separated from all other trash).
    THESE ITEMS MUST BE TAKEN HOME WITH YOU.  $100 disposal fee applies.
  30. TREES & GRASS AREAS – No tree of any size may be cut or damaged in any way.  Do not take it upon yourself to clear any areas that have not already been cleared by the camp’s maintenance crew.  This disrupts the nature and much needed growth of new trees needed, especially on the riverbank where erosion will soon swallow up the current river front sites.  Anyone caught weed eating, mowing or otherwise changing the appearance of the site will be assessed a rehabilitation fee as seen fit to replace what was destroyed.
  31. VISITORS  Day visitor hours are 9AM-11PM.  Visitors will not be permitted to register after 9pm.  All day visitors must exit the facility no later than 11PM.  Those found in breach of visitor hours will be assessed the appropriate fees for their stay.
  32. WATER USE – Do not desecrate this beautiful area by turning it into a car wash.  Constantly running water to wash cars or RV’s, run children’s toys or to fill swimming pools/spas is prohibited.